How Goodwill works in Subutai

In order for a community, an economy, composed of participants to form and to continue interacting on a platform the platform must offer some incentives. Goodwill and rewards provide that incentive to produce a rich platform for everyone especially the open source community.

Participants should be rewarded with Goodwill when they improve or help sustain the platform’s operation. Good activities and habits include:

Subutai is about sharing, bartering and renting computer resources in a peer economy so the rewards program will obviously be tailored to make sure everyone has a positive experience when interacting with others properly.

Goodwill Exchanges

Goodwill can be exchanged for services and products on the platform. So earning Goodwill is valuable. Cloud service providers with peers trade cloud services for goodwill. Consumers use their goodwill for these services.

Subutai FOSS Contribution Program

Open source projects on the GitHub register organizations on the Subutai Hub. These projects provide Subutai Blueprints for their products. In turn, the Hub advertises their need for resources to participants with peers. When participants provide cloud services to these open source projects, the Hub recompenses them at 125% the goodwill market rates for the different container sizes.

The Subutai FOSS Contribution Program is described in detail on the Helping spread Goodwill page.

If you feel excited enough to get involved with any of these Social Cloud Computing areas please let us know!

Getting started