Registering peer in Subutai Hub

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Without registering peer in Subutai Hub, peer will not be stored in it's Hub, so peer will not have access to Bazaar.

You will have local Subutai that can create environments, clusters and download public plugins.

Subutai peer registration in its Hub steps:

  1. Go to Subutai Management console (read: First launch)
  2. Login as any user (Need a hub account? Signing up here)
  3. Press hub icon in header (left-top side of UI)
  4. Enter email and password that you have been used to register in SS Hub
    if you have not registered please follow Registration by clicking on Sign Up

You can see status in header if it is green then the registration was successful.

Now by clicking Hub icon in Subutai, you can go to Hub, Send Heartbeat and Unregister peer in it's Hub.

Heartbeat is way of communication of Subutai and its Hub (It is ping to hub). When sending heartbeat, peer will send data that peer is alive. and available in Hub to communicate with other peers.

After registering your peer in Hub it is open and default pricing is "free". In order to change it you need to set price.